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Jupiter Custom Home Builder

SEC Construction and Development, Inc., dba Steve Cury  
Construction specializes in custom residential and  
commercial construction projects throughout South Florida.  
As a second generation builder with over 20 years in the  
construction business, Steve Cury Construction prides itself  
on their core focus of “complete client satisfaction.”

This dedication to "complete client satisfaction" is not simply  
a slogan, but is the way we feel we must treat every customer.   
Through our long standing partnership with only the top level  
sub-contractors, craftmans and architectural designers in the  
industry along with our standard of using only the highest  
quality materials has allowed us to become a  Master Builder  
that creates great results for our clients, as well as some of  
the most luxurious building projects constructed.

So what makes us the number one West Palm Beach custom  
home builder?

It’s our unparalleled experience in ultra high-end coastal  
construction that has made us the top choice for many years.  
We build homes starting from $200 000 all the way up to  
$6,000 000 so nothing is too big or too luxurious for us -  
we’ve seen and done it all many times over. Call us now at  
561-285-3605 or email us by clicking here if you have any  

Ever dreamed of a:

· 20-seat home cinema
· Hidden or secret rooms, passages or safes
· Helipad
· Wine cellar, library
· Drive-thru car wash
· Walk-in closet system
· Basketball court, tennis court
· Grotto
· Olympic size swimming pool
· Jumbo Jacuzzi
· Balcony
· Grand master suite
· Feng shui layout
· Outdoor fire place
· Gazebo

If you have ever visited one of our homes you would have  
most likely been overwhelmed by the rich, voluminous and  
ultra high-end luxury that our creations embody. We put  
tremendous focus on every minute detail, which all adds up to  
a breathtaking, overwhelming experience for you, your friends  
and guests. Year after year we continually raise the bar on  
what is expected from a custom home builder. We continue  
to deliver the best craftsmanship in West Palm Beach…and  
we prove it time and again.  

We also do remodeling and can:

· Expand rooms
· Add rooms  
· Add stories
· Walls treatments
· Luxury fittings
· Stone, marble and granite interiors
· Brick, stone and stucco exteriors
· Ceiling treatments

Your lot or ours, custom or floorplan, remodel or ground-up,  
we will make 100% sure you get exactly what you want. We  
hold your hand through our unique, step-by-step process  
from site selection, choosing and customizing your home  
plan, costing analysis, financing, pre-construction, build,  
fittings and finally leading all the way up to moving in. We  
employ the latest, state-of-the-art process and technology,  
construction, breakthrough concepts, award-winning designs,  
highest quality materials and the best crew to deliver the most  
incredible results imaginable. We transcend the limits of  
what’s possible.

Call us at 561-285-3605 or email us by clicking here to set up  
a consultation right now.

Our many successful years in business are purely the result  
of our unerring dedication to communication, collaboration  
and making our clients’ needs, wants and desires our ultimate  
priority. Our reputation is our most valued asset and we  
maintain it by giving our clients exactly what they dream  
of…every time. Our personalized attention, company stability,  
years of experience and elite clientele combined with flawless  
planning and execution; make us the top Jupiter home  
builder by a long margin.
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