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Our true passion in building is exemplified in the custom homes we construct. Our superior attention to details, along with our top level craftsmen and expert project management allow each custom home we build to become a “one-of-a-kind” masterpiece that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a quality home builder in Palm Beach, look no further!

Quality Construction • Integrity • Superior Client Service

Quality Materials

Our attention to detail is what we base our reputation on. We pay close attention to the finishes & integrity of our building materials, as well as to the job of the craftsman utilizing the materials.

On-Time Delivery

Our experience helps us know the common pitfalls that make a project go off schedule and we know how to plan around seasonal delays. Our project management skills help us keep your project on-time and on-budget.

Competitive Pricing

Monitoring and evaluation of the trades, costs of materials and quality project management ensure we stay within the specified budget. We set expectations up front and communicate often.

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Ten Tips for Selecting a Quality Custom Home Builder

There comes a time when you may decide to accomplish goals such as becoming a homeowner. Since you want to get value for your money, you must procure the services of a professional home builder. Such an individual should make sure that the home they come up with will complement your personality and your goals will be achieved in the process. Although you may not know what to look for in a home builder during the hiring process, the following tips will offer some guidance.

Why is experience paramount when carrying out home remodeling Palm Beach?

For starters, you must make sure that the home builder you hire has the necessary experience. Experience is important because in such professions, it comes in handy since the home builder has built a variety of homes. As a result, they have come across many home designs, and they may offer some concrete advice that will make sure that your custom home is well built. Additionally, you can learn about the reputation of the home builder only if they are experienced.

When looking for a custom home builder in Palm Beach, why they must have prior knowledge about building systems?

If a home builder is qualified, that means they have the knowledge it takes to construct a quality home. They will also make sure that the subcontractors carry out their duties accordingly. The home builder will be in possession of high-quality supervision skills, and as a result, he can ensure that the subcontractors will deliver quality work. The may also follow the designer plans accurately. You can ask for their credentials to ascertain that they undertook their studies in a certified institution.

Why should a custom home builder have experience about the area that you are about to build your home?

The permits issued when building a home vary from one state to another. A professional home builder who has worked locally has prior knowledge about these permits. The knowledge that the home builder has about the locality will also come in handy since they can make sure that your dream home has become a reality.

Can a custom home builder be of assistance when selecting a lot?

If you haven’t yet bought a piece of land, a home builder can guide you accordingly. Since they may have worked in various localities, they may offer some guidance on the neighborhoods that may suit you best.

They will also offer you some information about these neighborhoods.

When carrying out custom home construction in Palm Beach, why is it important to work as partners with the home builder?

As a future homeowner, you have various goals that you need to achieve. You must work as partners because of the following reasons; when you hire a professional home builder, they will first view the lot that you have selected. They will then decide the space that the house will occupy. The home builder will also come up with a layout which will comprise of the room sizes, the design, and the elevations. Experienced home builders can also offer recommendations. As a result, you will finally get the home that you want.

Why do the custom home builder reviews matter?

A good home builder is always responsive. Positive reviews are important because; the home builder with positive reviews works on his duties accordingly. All the tasks will be delivered promptly. If you have any queries, a good home builder will never leave them unanswered. A good home builder will always have positive reviews.

When working with a custom home builder in Palm Beach, why is communication very important?

After the project commences, you must be in communication with the home builder because of the following reasons; to make sure that the project progresses accordingly, you must keep in touch with the home builder. Some of the professional home builders have applications that allow their clients to access details about their projects daily.

The homebuilder must always get it right. They must also make sure that their subcontractors have the necessary qualifications before hiring them. Their track record must also be proven. Most of the professional home builders can issue you references to their past clients so that you may learn more about the quality of the work.

Can a custom home builder refer you to a good lender?

The home building process is not as enticing since you need to have enough money to facilitate the whole process. A prominent home builder can refer you to a good lending partner. As a result; you will get quality services since they may have worked with the builder before.

Is your preferred custom home builder a member of a credible builders association?

A professional home builder may be a member of a professional association that brings people within such a profession together. By being a member, the home builder is able to make sure that their credibility score has improved.

One of the most important decisions in your life is the construction of a custom home. As a result, you must look for a professional home builder who will work with you step by step until the whole process is completed.

If you are looking for a custom home builder, do not look further, pay a visit to the Steve Cury Construction. We will offer you a quality home builder who will make sure that the home you get reflects your personality. While carrying out some research about home builders, you should always try to learn more about how they deliver quality homes after embarking on a client’s project. Take time to learn about our team. Our work is of good quality and it shows in each and every project we complete.

When looking for a home builder, the most important considerations include;

  • Possessing a state license- helps to showcase that they are offering their services within the legal jurisdiction of the state.
  • The home builder must be experienced.
  • They must have the necessary know-how.
  • They must be insured.
  • The possession of a construction bond may also come in handy.
  • You may also ask for referrals around Palm Beach.

This context has offered the major guidelines that you need to adhere to when looking for a home builder. Call us today for a free estimate.