Custom Home Builder Juno Beach

Putting Your Custom Home Plans into Action

With 20 years of experience, Steve Cury Construction and our custom home builders serve clients and customers in Juno Beach with whom we have cultivated long-standing professional relationships. Our true passion in construction is exemplified in the custom homes that we plan and create. 

What To Look For in Juno Beach Custom Home Construction

Custom home construction refers to the combination of significant focus to details, qualified construction workers, and specialized case handling that lets every custom home be made into a unique work of art that lasts. Don’t look further for a custom home builder in Juno Beach, because we offer the best.

Building a Spec Home vs. Building a Custom Home

Custom home construction involves superior attention to detail, top-level craftsmen, and expert project management that allows each custom home to be created into a one-of-a-kind unique work of art that will last a lifetime. You do not need to worry yourself or look too far or too wide for a suitable construction builder or contractor in the Juno Beach area, because Steve Cury Construction offers the best in all aspects of the construction process.

What Decisions Are You Making When Building a Home?

The options are definitely unlimited when it comes to designing a custom home. As the designer, you can add and decide as much of your personality you wish to be incorporated into your home as you would like. You have full command over decisions related to whether you would like hardwood flooring, window sizes, whether to section hallways and rooms with doors, and more. You get to decide if you want to be quirky and traditional or if you wanted to embrace trends to design a custom home that appeals visually and practically.

Renovations Juno Beach Homeowners Commonly Do Seek

Beach homeowners live according to a different lifestyle. Custom home updates they would desire may differ from the usual customer. The renovations they commonly do ask for have to do with kitchens, showers, flooring, and layout.


  • Beach homes tend to be older and thus lack modern kitchen designs.
    • Replacing countertops with granite or quartz, adding stainless steel appliances, and removing walls
  • Beach homeowners often use the shower to get rid of the inevitable sand and grit.
    • Expanding showers and taking out bathtubs (for practicality)
  • A different flooring can make a space feel connected and give the appearance of a fluid plan.
    • Removal of carpeting to reveal hardwood floors, replacing current flooring with hardwood flooring, and tile installation
  • Beach homeowners typically ask to open up a home to capture the light, airy, feel of the beachside.
    • Opening the ceiling to expose the beams, taking down walls, combining rooms, creating master spaces, and inserting skylights


How Long Do Custom Home Contractors Typically Need?

We deliver and we deliver on time. We have contractors that have worked with and done several projects building a foundation of experiences from which they have learned and designated solution processes to disasters or other incidents that could cause the building of a home to veer off schedule. Our builders and contractors know how to deal with delays.

How Much Do Custom Home Plans and Construction Typically Cost?

Steve Cury Construction delivers quality service and provides them with devotion. Prices are above the average standard, but deemed fair when considered as a reflection of our quality materials and on-time delivery. We have maintained our reputation by staying within a pre-specified budget negotiated and mutually decided by the buyer and builders and contractors. Expected and suggested adjustments are frequently communicated. However, these changes are considered unlikely as we do evaluate trades, materials costs, and project management.

Custom Home Construction Design Examples

Our dedication to innovative and cost-effective custom homes lives on in the Juno Beach area. Homes our builders and contractors have designed and created include:

New Custom Home Contractors

A newly designed home may be the right decision when the current inventory of homes for sale don’t seem to suit you. Some reasons that make a new custom home a better decision include:

  • Customizable Design
    • Structure, Internal Features, & External Details
  • Energy Efficiency and Wind Resistance
    • Available in new products and building methodologies
      • Money-saving
      • Reassures in case of a natural disaster – important in Juno Beach!
    • Eco-Friendly Appliances
      • Eco-friendly appliances such as air conditioners have the most updated technology.
    • Durability
      • Builders create a solid structure & replacement becomes a far priority.

General Testimonials: These Are What Our Clients Say

Introducing the Best: Steve Cury Construction & Our Founder Steve Cury

Our wonderful founder, Steve Cury, followed in his parents’ footsteps as a custom home builder and contractor. For a decade, he served as the Vice President of construction and development for The Cury Group in Palm Beach, Florida. He was deigned the responsibility of all construction plans while utilizing over 100 subcontractors and leading multiple other projects. Cury soon understood what it took to be independent and successful. With quality, diligence, and dedication, Cury opened SEC Construction & Development, Inc. (now Steve Cury Construction). Steve Cury Construction primarily developed in upscale communities in and around the West Palm Beach waterfront. Recently we have decided to expand our service area to include Juno Beach and other coastal cities of Florida.

Juno Beach Construction Services

  • Commercial construction
    • Small to Mid-Sized
      • Build-Outs
        • Office Tenant
        • Restaurant
      • Renovations
        • Stand-Alone
        • Multi-Family
        • Hotel
        • Apartment
      • Custom Home construction
      • Condominium Remodeling
      • Home Remodeling
      • Quality management
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