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With 20 years of construction experience, we serve customers in Jupiter with whom we’ve developed long-standing professional relationships. Our honest dedication to construction is reflected in the homes we build for you.

What To Look For in Jupiter Custom Home Construction

Custom home construction refers to the combination of significant focus to details, qualified construction workers, and specialized case handling that lets every custom home be made into a unique work of art that lasts. Don’t look further for a custom home builder in Jupiter, because we offer the best.

The Difference Between Spec Homes and Custom Homes

Spec homes are built by the owner of the land or lot with the intent of selling it later. Although they can be constructed quicker, only some features can only sometimes be customized. The benefit of choosing the custom home route, despite the longer time to complete, is the opportunity to implement one-of-a-kind, even fancier, elements that work perfectly according to your ideas. As the customer, you make the decisions, but with spec homes you have minimal control.

What Decisions Are You Making When Building a Home?

There are a seemingly endless list of decisions when it comes to building a custom home. You are the designer and you are free to sprinkle or pour your personality over your home. This may seem overwhelming, but just think your command over these decisions will help you create more than the home – it will help you create your ideal lifestyle. These decisions range from small to big, such as how many sinks you would like, the size of your balcony, whether  you want to section rooms away from the kitchen, and more. Following your priorities and your budget is our responsibility. Be spontaneous or simple or sparkly. It is your space to decide.

Coastal Home Features That Are Commonly Sought For

Coastal homeowners in Jupiter live a lifestyle that stands apart from other homeowners. Environment matters. We are simply suggesting custom home updates that are something to be considered for Jupiter’s coastal homeowners.

  • Kitchens
    • These are often in need of renovation because they are older.
    • Lack modern design
    • Replacing countertops, supplementing with stainless steel appliances, and structural reorganization are some starting steps.
  • Spacious Layouts
    • Beach homeowners are typically asking to open up a home to capture the light and airy feel of the beachside.
    • Opening the ceiling to expose the beams, taking down walls, combining rooms, creating master spaces, and inserting skylights are a start.
  • Showers
    • Beach homeowners are often using showers to get rid of sand and grit.
    • Expanding showers and taking out bathtubs are practical steps.
  • Flooring
    • A different flooring can make a space feel connected.
    • Gives the appearance of a fluid plan
    • Removal of carpeting to reveal hardwood floors, replacing current flooring with hardwood flooring, and tile installation are a place to start.

Custom Home Construction Process Time

We can guarantee timely delivery. Experienced since 2003, we have come to know which obstacles may cause construction to fall from schedule and we also know how to plan around these obstacles and other seasonal delays. Our abilities help keep the project on the right path.

The Cost of Custom Home Services in Jupiter

Our superior construction services are provided to you with the utmost integrity. Although prices for construction may be higher than average, let it be known that it is a representation of the quality we deliver on time. We maintain our reputation as a leader among competition by staying within a budget that is specified first and decided mutually taking into consideration client capabilities and hopes and also construction resource necessities. Further expected or suggested adjustments, however unlikely, are always communicated.

Custom Home Construction Examples

You can preview your experience with our innovative and cost-effective custom home construction by taking note of our past works. Beautifully created custom homes by Steve Cury Construction in Jupiter include:

New Custom Home Construction

After observing the current homes for sale, if you still cannot find what you desire, consider custom homes. A new home might be the right choice for you.  Reasons for this could include:


  • Full Customization
    • From the beginning, you maintain control over structure, design, internal finishes, and exterior details.
  • Energy Efficient
    • Energy efficiency and wind resistance saves money and provides reassurance in the case of a natural disaster, such as a storm or hurricane – a top priority in West Palm Beach!
  • Greener Appliances
    • “Greener” appliances are the latest technology.
  • Longer Lifespan
    • Reparation and replacement become a far concern.
      • Restaurant build-outs
      • Stand-alone renovation
      • Multi-family renovations
    • Custom homes construction
    • Condominiums and homes remodeling
    • Quality construction handling
      • Commercial & Residential

General Testimonials: These Are What Our Clients Say

Steve Cury Construction & Steve Cury

This construction company was founded by Steve Cury. A second-generation builder, he was Vice President of construction and development for The Cury Group in Palm Beach, Florida, for ten years. He managed multiple projects at a time. Cury used his knowledge and experience to drive his own success. Cury opened SEC Construction & Development, Inc. (now Steve Cury Construction). Cury and Steve Cury Construction especially pride ourselves for our “hands-on” approach with every custom home.

Steve Cury Construction Services

Steve Cury Construction offers several services for Jupiter and its surrounding area. Services for residential and commercials needs include: