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Why should you trust us to serve you and create your home? Our 20 years of experience and solid relationships with customers from those years speak volumes. Moreso, we passionately build and construct with commitment.

What Custom Home Construction Is

Custom home construction is a complex puzzle that combines the client’s vision, financial limitations, and necessities with the contractor’s resources, time, and skills to produce a one-of-a-kind home and haven. It is a task that asks of all those involved to pay special attention to detail, to ensure full efforts are made, and to aid in project management.

Spec Home vs. Custom Home & Why You Should Know The Difference

If you are interested in looking for a quickly-fixed, unique home, then a spec home is a smart move. However, if you are willing to make a trade-off and sacrifice some more time and money, for a home that is unique according to your tastes and preferences, then custom homes are for you. With spec homes you can make a few choices if the seller, also the builder, allows. Those few choices may not even matter to you in the long run. You know what choices do matter to you, whether it has to do with the layout, the color scheme, or the materials. By knowing where your biggest concerns and priorities are, you can make the decisions with a custom home to ensure those concerns and priorities are taken care of by the contractors you entrust. 

What Decisions Are You Making When Building a Home?

There are a seemingly endless list of decisions when it comes to building a custom home. You are the designer and you are free to sprinkle or pour your personality over your home. This may seem overwhelming, but just think your command over these decisions will help you create more than the home – it will help you create your ideal lifestyle. These decisions range from small to big, such as how many sinks you would like, the size of your balcony, whether  you want to section rooms away from the kitchen, and more. Following your priorities and your budget is our responsibility. Be spontaneous or simple or sparkly. It is your space to decide.

Why We Can Help Palm Beach Coastal Homeowners

Beach homeowners are used to living according to a different lifestyle. This different lifestyle might mean there are needs that need to be catered to with home renovations.


  • Beach home kitchens tend to be older and thus lack a contemporary design.
    • We can replacing countertops with granite or quartz, add stainless steel appliances, and remove walls.
  • Beach homeowners typically ask to open up a home to capture the light and airy vibe of the beachside.
    • We can opening the ceiling to expose the beams, take down walls, merge rooms, create master spaces, and insert skylights.
  • Beach homeowners practically always use the shower to get rid of the constant sand and grit.
    • We can expand showers and take out bathtubs.
  • A different flooring can make a space feel connected and give the appearance of a fluid plan.
    • We can remove carpeting to reveal hardwood floors, replace current flooring with hardwood, and install tiles.

Custom Home Construction Timely Guarantee

We deliver on time and the reason why we can promise this is because of our experience. Building and contracting custom homes since 2003, we are aware of the situations that may put our team off-track, but we also know how to plan ahead for those situations. We know how to work around those situations when they arise spontaneously. We know how to find our ways back to the schedule, despite seasonal delays.

Why Our Costs Are Worth The Investment

At first glance or consideration, our clients may be averse to our services because our prices may not be suitable to their budgets. We know this and we are willing to find the budget that is right for the both of us. We understand financial limitations but require some upper limits, but our quality and time deserves a lower limit. The quality and time that we devote is the investment you are making for your home and for your future.

Palm Beach Custom Homes Built by Us: Have You Seen Them Yet?

Why believe in the words we say when you can see the work we do? We are proud of the custom homes we build and contract. Some of those found in the Palm Beach area include:

Why Custom Homes Make The Right Choice

Did you take already take a look at the current listing of homes for sale in Palm Beach? Do none of them fit what you want and what you need exactly? So, now are you about to compromise? Why compromise? Entrust us to build your custom home and enjoy the exact home you were looking for whilst also reaping added benefits, such as:

  • Personalization
    • You can fully customize and control structural design, interior finishes, and external details.
  • Energy-Saving
    • Energy-saving and wind resistant products and building methodologies also saves money and reassures you in the case of a tropical storm or hurricane – which is especially important in Palm Beach!
  • Eco-Friendly Appliances
    • Custom homes can come with the latest technology.
  • Lasts Longer
    • Replacement and reparation concerns are nowhere near in the future.

Testimonials: Why Steve Cury Construction Is The Best?

Why We Are Where We Are: Steve Cury

Steve Cury Construction, previously SEC Construction & Development, Inc., has much to thank our founder, Steve Cury, for. There is much to say about our founder, Steve Cury. A second-generation custom home builder and contractor, he was the Vice President of construction and development for The Cury Group in Palm Beach, Florida for a decade. He took his experience managing construction plans, utilizing hundreds of subcontractors, and leading to find success on his own. Now, he and our company prides itself on the quality and diligence with which we serve Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Construction Services

We extend a wide array of services for Palm Beach.


  • Commercial Construction
    • Small to Mid-Sized
    • Hands-On Approach
      • Office Tenant Build-Out Work
      • Stand Alone and Multi-Family Renovations
      • Hotel/Apartment Renovations
      • Restaurant Build-Outs
    • Custom Homes
      • Attention to Detail
      • Hands On Approach
      • Professionals
      • Management Expertise
    • Condominiums
      • Interior Modification or Renovation
    • Additions & Renovations
      • Building, Designing, Planning, & Constructing
        • Considering existing conditions
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