Custom Home Builder in Stuart

With our twenty years of experience, there is no doubt that Steve Cury Construction and our custom home builders can professionally and successfully serve our clients in Stuart. To them, we show our true passion in construction in the custom homes we plan and create. 

Definition: Custom Home Construction

Custom home construction involves detail, top-level builders, and expert project management that allows each custom home to be built into a unique masterpiece that lasts a lifetime. If you need a custom home builder in Stuart, then we deliver the best in all aspects of the construction process.

Spec Home or Custom Home

Deciding whether a spec home or a custom home for you can take time and allows for many considerations. For quick convenience, buying a spec home from the owner (also the builder) with a slim chance at minor customizability is a better option. However, looking at the grander picture, at a trade-off of more time, you could allow our builders to create a home for you entirely founded on your design and desires. For luxury and lifestyle happiness, opt for the building of a custom home by Steve Cury Construction.

New Custom Home Builders in Stuart

When the current inventory of homes for sale in Stuart are underwhelming, you know you need to look elsewhere or think otherwise. Think bigger. Dream bigger. Steve Cury Construction can offer you the right reasons for you to choose us.


  • Your Choice!
    • From the start, you have full control over structural design!
    • You get to finalize interior finishes and exterior details!
  • Energy-Efficient & Eco-Friendly User Appliances
    • Energy efficiency and wind resistance in new insulation products and building methodologies saves money and reassures you in the possibility that you face a natural disaster – especially important in Stuart!
    • New “greener” user appliances, such as water heaters and air conditioners, have the latest technology.
  • Durable
    • Durability lasts longer than older houses that would require renovation in the nearer future.
    • Replacement/Reparation of structure and appliances are a far priority.

Renovations Stuart Homeowners Will Commonly Seek

Beach & waterfront homeowners and residents live and go about their daily routines differently than residents and owners of homes and houses that are non-coastal and father away from beaches. This suggests home updates they desire may differ from the average customer.

  • Kitchens & Showers
    • Beach homes tend to be older and thus lack modern kitchen designs.
      • Replacing countertops with granite or quartz, adding stainless steel appliances, and removing walls
    • Beach homeowners often use the shower to get rid of the inevitable sand and grit.
      • Expanding showers and taking out bathtubs (for practicality)
    • Ceilings & Flooring
      • Beach homeowners typically ask to open up a home to capture the light, airy, feel of the beachside.
        • Opening the ceiling to expose the beams and inserting skylights
      • A different flooring can make a space feel connected and give the appearance of a fluid plan.
        • Removal of carpeting to reveal hardwood floors, replacing current flooring with hardwood flooring, and tile installation

Building and Contracting a Custom Home: What Options and Choices do You Have?

For all of you Stuart residents that are interested but not sure of what degree of control you will have, let us reassure you. You have full control! The options are unlimited when it comes to building a custom home. Decide what land or lot you desire in Stuart for your home and then design externally and internally, room-by-room and detail-by-detail. You decide your priorities, your budget, and your requirements.

How Long Builders Take During Construction

Project size, detail, and location are the biggest factors in the length of a project and the resulting combination of the factors can greatly vary. However, we take these considerations and form a reliable estimate with some consideration to the client’s acceptable waiting period to create a schedule. Following the schedule we believe in our skills to deliver on time. Based on our experience since 2003, we know the common pitfalls that can make a project go off-schedule and we know how to plan and work around seasonal delays, especially in Stuart. Our management skills help keep the project on the right track and balance resources over the length of the project.

How Much Custom Home Builders and Contractors Charge For Construction in Stuart

Both our quality construction and superior client service is provided with integrity. Although our pricing is competitive, it is a reflection of quality materials and on-time delivery. You can trust to stay within the budget that is preset. Be aware that any budget changes that we believe will become necessary will be shared by frequent communication. Of course, ordinarily changes are unusual and rare. This is because we manage the business of the custom homes alongside the building and contracting. This includes but is not limited to, the monitoring and evaluation of trades and material costs. 

Custom Home Building & Contracting Construction Experience in Stuart

Our experience with innovative and cost-effective custom home construction lives on in the Stuart area. Beautiful and intricately designed custom homes created and made by our builders contractors include:

New Custom Home Construction

After observing the current homes for sale, if you still cannot find what you desire, consider custom homes. A new home might be the right choice for you.  Reasons for this could include:


  • Full Customization
    • From the beginning, you maintain control over structure, design, internal finishes, and exterior details.
  • Energy Efficient
    • Energy efficiency and wind resistance saves money and provides reassurance in the case of a natural disaster, such as a storm or hurricane – a top priority in West Palm Beach!
  • Greener Appliances
    • “Greener” appliances are the latest technology.
  • Longer Lifespan
    • Reparation and replacement become a far concern.
      • Restaurant build-outs
      • Stand-alone renovation
      • Multi-family renovations
    • Custom homes construction
    • Condominiums and homes remodeling
    • Quality construction handling
      • Commercial & Residential

General Testimonials: These Are What Our Clients Say

Introducing One of Stuart’s Best Custom Home Builders and Contractors: Steve Cury Construction & Steve Cury

Steve Cury Construction, previously known as SEC Construction & Development, Inc., is a custom home construction business with extremely well-qualified and experienced professionals. Our builders and contractors take after out founder, Steve Cury. Steve Cury is a second-generation custom home builder and contractor, himself. Following 10 years of working as the Vice President of construction & development for The Cury Group in Palm Beach, Florida, Steve applied his experience and accumulated knowledge to start our Steve Cury Construction.

Stuart Custom Home Building and Contracting Services

We extend a wide array of services for the Stuart market to meet residential and commercial client needs.

  • Small to Mid-size Commercial Construction
    • Office Tenant Build-out
    • Restaurant Build-out
    • Stand-alone Renovation
    • Multi-family Renovation
    • Hotel Renovation
    • Apartment Renovation
  • Custom Home Construction
  • Condo & Home Remodeling
  • Quality Construction Management
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