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Steve Cury Construction: Contractors Who Create

Steve Cury Construction and our custom home contractors serve clients in Tequesta with whom we’ve cultivated relationships over the years. We have managed to create these relationships through the homes we create. It is in the essence of that in which our experience and our character shines, because we do not just make homes. We create masterpieces that follow your vision and your dreams.

The Definition of Custom Home Construction

The definition of custom home construction encompasses the various elements that make up the complete process. It is the building and detailed creation of a house by professional and experienced craftsmen. It also refers to the thorough project management beginning in the planning stages and continuing into the duration of the building.

Understanding The DIfference: Spec Home vs. Custom Home

Spec homes are pre-built and quicker to complete than custom homes, but rarely allows for certain aspects to be customizable. They have already been bought by the builder with the intention of selling it later. The benefit of choosing the custom home route is the chance to implement unique, even luxurious, features that fit with your lifestyle.

Choosing New Custom Home Builders

Construction of a new home may be the answer when the current inventory of homes for sale do not seem to be the right choice for you. Some reasons that make building a new custom home a better choice include:

  • Full Control Over Customization
    • Structural Design, Internal/External Finishes & Details
  • Latest technology, products, and building methodologies
    • Energy-efficient, wind-resistant, “green”
      • Saves money
      • Precaution in the case of a natural disaster – especially important in Tequesta!
    • Longevity
      • Replacement and reparation of structure and appliances are a far priority.

What Options Do You Have?

The options are unlimited when it comes to building a custom home. You are your own designer and you can add as much of your personality to your home as you choose. You have full command over priority and budget decisions. You can be quirky and traditional or embrace popular trends to build a home that’s appealing in design and practical with space.

Renovations Tequesta Waterfront Homeowners May Seek

  • Kitchens: Beach homes tend to be older and thus lack modern kitchen designs.
    • Replacing countertops with granite or quartz, adding stainless steel appliances, and removing walls
  • Opening up: Beach homeowners typically ask to open up a home to capture the light, airy, feel of the beachside.
    • Opening the ceiling to expose the beams, taking down walls, combining rooms, creating master spaces, and inserting skylights
  • Showers: Beach homeowners often use the shower to get rid of the inevitable sand and grit.
    • Expanding showers and taking out bathtubs (for practicality)
  • Flooring: A different flooring can make a space feel connected and give the appearance of a fluid plan.
    • Removal of carpeting to reveal hardwood floors, replacing current flooring with hardwood flooring, and tile installation

Length of a Custom Home Construction Project in Tequesta

Steve Cury Construction guarantees that we deliver on time. Based on our accumulated experience since 2003, we know the common pitfalls and obstacles that can make a custom home project go off-schedule. However, at times like this, we know how to plan and work around seasonal delays. We are qualified and have the management skills to help keep the project on the correct track.

Cost of a Custom Home Construction Project

Our services are provided with integrity. Although pricing is competitive, it’s a reflection of our quality. We maintain our reputation staying within a pre-specified budget. Expected adjustments are communicated. However, these changes are unlikely as we monitor trades, materials costs, and management.

Custom Home Construction - Experiences

Our experience with innovative, cost-effective custom home construction lives on in the Tequesta area.

New Custom Home Construction

After observing the current homes for sale, if you still cannot find what you desire, consider custom homes. A new home might be the right choice for you.  Reasons for this could include:


  • Full Customization
    • From the beginning, you maintain control over structure, design, internal finishes, and exterior details.
  • Energy Efficient
    • Energy efficiency and wind resistance saves money and provides reassurance in the case of a natural disaster, such as a storm or hurricane – a top priority in West Palm Beach!
  • Greener Appliances
    • “Greener” appliances are the latest technology.
  • Longer Lifespan
    • Reparation and replacement become a far concern.
      • Restaurant build-outs
      • Stand-alone renovation
      • Multi-family renovations
    • Custom homes construction
    • Condominiums and homes remodeling
    • Quality construction handling
      • Commercial & Residential

General Testimonials: These Are What Our Clients Say

Introducing The Best

There is much to say about our founder, Steve Cury. For ten years, he was the Vice President of construction and development for The Cury Group in Palm Beach, Florida. Cury valued quality, diligence, and dedication. Using these, Cury opened Steve Cury Construction. Cury and Steve Cury Construction especially pride ourselves in our work methods and results, such as the proven “hands-on” approach.

Steve Cury Construction Services

Steve Cury Construction offers several services for Jupiter and its surrounding area. Services for residential and commercials needs include:

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